Burning Hearts – Emmaus Chrysalis Community

Emmaus Walk Dates:

Men’s Walk #95
April 5 – 8, 2018

Women’s Walk #96
April 12 – 15, 2018

Chrysalis Flight Dates:

Boy’s Flight # 44 – TBA

Calendar of Events


All Emmaus & Chrysalis Events are at:

Hanging Rock Christian Assembly
West Lebanon, IN 47991
Click Here for Directions & Map
Per the camp director’s request:
Exception: If necessary, candlelight attendees may park among the trees beside the dining hall only if there hasn’t been enough rain to make the area boggy.

Walk to Emmaus



  Walks are Thursday thru Sunday


Emmaus Candlelight –  For Men’s Walk:   Start gathering Saturday at 8:00 PM
** Please remember your candle! **
For Women’s Walk & Girl’s Chrysalis for Sat. April 8th, 2017:  Start gathering Saturday at 7:30 PM
** Please remember your candle! **
Emmaus Closing – Please be there Sunday by 4:00 PM

2018 Walks

Men’s Walk #95 
April 5 – April 8, 2018

Women’s Walk #96
April 12 – April 15, 2018



Chrysalis Flights

Flights are Friday – Sunday


2017 Flights:

Girl’s Flight# 43 – April 6 – 9, 2017

Boy’s Flight# 44 – October 5-8, 2017


Chrysalis Candlelight – Start gathering Saturday at 8:00 PM
Chrysalis Closing – Please be there Sunday by 4:00 PM


We want to encourage all community members to remember the Chrysalis flights.  The youth also need our Agape support as well as our attendance at Candlelight and Closing.

Did you know?

That Burning Hearts Emmaus/Chrysalis is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization.  As such, contributions/ gifts may be tax deductible (please talk with your tax preparer).  Walk fees are not deductible.

This website was necessitated by the extreme cost associated with sending the Flamethrower.  The cost of the old Flamethrower was in excess of $2,000.00 annually for which we received no reimbursement.  The cost for 1 year to have this Website is $127.35.  We attempted a subscription Newsletter at $5.00 per year but there were not enough subscribers to cover costs.

The funds we have to hold Walks and Flights is close to break-even, in other words we operate with very little or no cushion.  How close you might ask?  The team fees are needed to be paid before the walk so that we can buy the food and supplies for the walk.  The pilgrim fees are needed to pay the camp fees after the walk.

If we don’t have full walks, fixed costs (camp fees) are spread over less income.  And, if donations at gatherings are not enough to cover scholarships, we can go into the red for a Walk.  Recent Men’s Walks/Boy’s Chrysalis Flights have not had enough Pilgrims/Caterpillars to cover expenses and have been in the red.  The walk fee increase was necessitated by cost increases, which continue to increase.  Therefore, fees may increase again in the future, especially if we do not fill every walk/flight, or Walks/Flights may need to be cancelled.  There is a set minimum number of participants established by the Upper Room.

You can help:
1)  Sponsor pilgrims to walk capacity to lower the fixed cost per participant.
2)  Add another dollar when the plate is passed at gatherings for scholarships.
3)  Donate to the scholarship fund in memory of JP Morgan.
4)  Just donate a few dollars to the general operating fund



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