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Men’s Walk #95
April 5 – 8, 2018

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April 12 – 15, 2018

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A Call to Discipleship

Christ is counting on you.  Are you counting on Christ?  Christ calls us to be His disciples.  Discipleship is a very important part of our Christian walk (John 13:34-35).  What have you been doing to further your discipleship?  What have you done to disciple people that God brings into your life?

We would like to help.  Life Builders is a one-to-one discipleship program that emphasizes the Great Commission, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).   Life Builders material comes from Campus Crusade for Christ.  In fact, you can order materials directly from their website, www.lifebuildersnet.org .

Jim Harper, the director of 222 Ministries, has been discipling people by using the Life Builders material for many years.  Jim’s passion for discipleship is contagious!  He has seen what God can do through this ministry time and time again and he just can’t get enough of it.  Jim even holds seminars for people who want to learn more about the program.  Materials for the seminar cost $10.00.

One of the benefits of one-to-one discipleship is flexibility.  When only two people are meeting, they can pretty much meet wherever and whenever they want.  If you have to cancel one week it’s no big deal.  This is important as, on average, it takes a little over a year to get through the 24 lessons in the program.  One-to-one discipleship also promotes trust.  Some people can’t or won’t open up in a group setting.  God will work through the one-to-one setting to build the trust that’s needed for someone to share what’s really going on in their life.

One-to-one discipleship is a wonderful tool that God uses to bring people closer to Him.  That’s why we’re sharing it with you.  If you, your reunion group or even your church are looking for a way to reach out to others, this might be the answer.

To read some testimonials about the program, please click on the link below named Testimonials.  If you have any questions about the program, you can reach Jim Harper at (317) 431-3027.


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